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Believe in Power!

November 06, 20221 min read

For a moment, on this Monday, relax a bit, just for a few minutes, and think of an answer to this question:

“Who believes in you?”

Mentally make a list.

“What attributes or abilities would those person(s) say you have that leads to their believing in you?”

Mentally make a list.

“What difference does it make to you to recall such beliefs?”

Mentally, make a list.

“What if, just for today, you were to live through those beliefs slightly more when you encounter a student, teacher or parent? What might those people notice about you that would be helpful?"

Here’s the really cool thing. I believe that beliefs are transferable! Yes, when you use the solution focused approach and your own attributes and abilities to seek out competencies in people, you become a believer in them! In the same way that recalling how others believe in you pumps you up, so can you…pump up others. Beliefs are rather powerful.

Remember too, that I believe in every one of you. When you read these Monday Ideas, you bring those beliefs to life each week and transfer those beliefs to others.

You are quite amazing.

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Dr Linda Metcalf

Linda Metcalf is the best-selling author of Counseling Toward Solutions and 10 other books. Linda is a former middle school teacher, all-level certified school counselor, licensed professional counselor supervisor, and licensed marriage and family therapist in the State of Texas. She is a Professor at Texas Wesleyan University.

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