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Name Your Miracle

October 02, 20232 min read

Take a moment on this Monday and envision the following:

Suppose today, a miracle happens and when you encounter students, colleagues or parents, things go exceptionally well because you are at your very best?

What subtle cues might the student, colleagues or parents pick up about you when you interacted with them, at your very best? 

What would others notice about you today when they approached you with questions or concerns? 

What might your family and pets sense about you when you return home this evening after a day like this?  What would be something about you that they would genuinely appreciate?

And at the end of this day, what would having such a day do for you?

Here's the thing. It can begin to happen. You are really quite powerful.

At times, we all wish things were different and that others would change, believing that this would make everything better for us. When that doesn’t happen, we become frustrated, disheartened and hopeless and even threaten others that they must change first.

You see, your wishes, dreams, and hopes are very important, even if they may not seem entirely achievable. That doesn’t matter, because they are your wishes, dreams and hopes.  But by imagining a better scenario and placing yourself within it, you may realize that how YOU act, speak, and think when you are at your best are simply new ideas to try.  And trying something new almost always leads to at least a small change in our lives and in others’ lives.

So, on this Monday, read the questions at the top of the page once more, jot down a few answers and embark on an experiment, just for today.

Then, reflect on the qualities you exhibit when you are at your absolute best  (think back to when you were at your very best) and try out those qualities when interacting with one or two individuals today, as though that miracle had genuinely transpired.

This Monday might just turn out to be… a miracle.

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Dr Linda Metcalf

Linda Metcalf is the best-selling author of Counseling Toward Solutions and 10 other books. Linda is a former middle school teacher, all-level certified school counselor, licensed professional counselor supervisor, and licensed marriage and family therapist in the State of Texas. She is a Professor at Texas Wesleyan University.

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