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Hi, School Counselor...

  • Does your office seem to have a revolving door with a stream of students, teachers and parents coming through it?

  • At times do you struggle to manage the behavior or actions of ‘difficult’ students?

  • Do teachers and parents expect you to have all of the answers for ‘impossible’ situations?

You're in a Spin...

You probably feeling overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of student issues you’re asked to deal with every day.

At times, you may feel out of control, under prepared, or at best frustrated, by ongoing issues such as school refusal, students failing certain classes, the levels of anxiety and depression, how to handle ADHD or even trauma…

Here's what you need...

To eliminate the exasperation of dealing with so many difficult situations, I invite you to try the SOLUTION-FOCUSED APPROACH, so that students begin seeing themselves as successful, teachers can solve their own student-related issues and create a climate of respect and engagement. That will help you to
see fewer students in your office!

It's OK! You're not alone!


Dr Linda Metcalf at your service...

  • Author of 11 Books

  • International Presenter

  • Creator of The Solution Focused School Conference

  • Professor & Director of the School Counseling Program at Texas Wesleyan University

My name is Dr Linda Metcalf and I’m on a mission to help school counselors to increase their effectiveness in helping students succeed.

I was once a middle school teacher, then became a school counselor and later a therapist.

is the simplest and fastest method to manage any challenge and navigate through ‘impossible’ situations. I wrote the best-selling book Counseling Towards Solutions, along with 10 others.

I’m now an international speaker and host podcasts, webinars and conferences… dedicated to helping school counselors, like you, to implement the solution-focused approach in schools.

Been there... done that?

  • Maybe you’ve tried the tough conversations with a student and their parents but the situation became more inflamed because they’re either apathetic or disagree with you.

  • Perhaps you’ve even tried involving the teacher, but they just can’t see past the ‘problem student’.

  • Maybe you’ve tried an exercise to improve interpersonal communications with parents and teachers only to see it turn into a battleground where someone else is to blame!

  • You might even have searched for helpful resources but just not had enough time to wade through everything, nor the confidence to apply it.

Why the Solution-Focused Approach?

The simplest and fastest way to assist challenging students is to use the SOLUTION-FOCUSED APPROACH in a systemic way that brings teachers and students together in a conversation that identifies their combined best hopes and to imagine a preferred future together.

This empowers and motivates even the ‘most challenging’ students and teachers to try new interactions. It also increases their likelihood of following through with the behavioral changes that they created themselves.

The SOLUTION-FOCUSED APPROACH is a mindset that can be learned, applied, and practiced. By practicing the approach, you will begin to see immediate results for everyone you encounter in school. It just takes a determination to stay on track with the solution focused approach.

Praise for Dr Linda Metcalf

  • Dr Metcalf knows how to turn difficult, dreaded conversations into life-changing moments filled with possibilities for lasting positive change!

    Patricia Gatlin, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

  • Dr Metcalf brings a wealth of knowledge and experience applying the Solution Focused model to real world applications. When she is asked a question, her response is so tailored and helpful that you can’t wait to try it yourself. I have grown as a Solution Focused counselor with her help and guidance, which in turn has helped those around me grow using the Solution Focused model.

    Kevin Kracker, M.Ed., CSC, Hubenak Elementary Counselor

  • I have been able to apply the strategies and essence of the solution focused model effectively in my career as a school counselor, with the guidance and expertise captured in Dr Metcalf’s workshops.

    Arlene Bonilla, MSSC, LPC-I

  • I heartily recommend Dr Linda Metcalf's work that shows people in all walks of life, from children to adults, how to communicate from a different perspective to actually solve their own problems. Her work was groundbreaking in 1995 and continues today. To her I say, please carry on. You help to make this a better world.

    Connie Kallback, Former Acquisitions Editor at Prentice-Hall Direct

  • Dr Linda Metcalf is masterful at sharing how to have Solution Focused conversations with students, teachers an parents. Such conversations result in self-realized behavior changes for students, accountability for teachers and administrators and greatly reduced stress for all. I can't imagine working with students and families any other way.

    Jennifer Roberts, Ed.D., LPC-S, Director Student Services, Lamar Consolidated Independent School District

So where do you start?

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Your ultimate resource of step-by-step solution-focused guidance lessons, activities, exercises, emails, conversation scripts, webinars, and presentations.

But beware! This is only for you, if...

  • You want to see remarkable behavioral change, and believe it is possible, like I know it is

  • You’re determined to make a difference

  • You need a proven method that works quickly and effectively with any student, parent or teacher

Don't waste your time...

  • If you’re not prepared to make a concerted effort to help students succeed.

  • If you think ‘problem’ students will never change their behavior.

  • If you’re not willing to involve students, teachers and parents in trying something different.

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  • Helping Parents Recognize Skills That Work


  • What does the solution focused approach look like in a school every day?

  • The solution focused mindset makes the difference!

  • The three steps to the solution focused approach

  • The solution focused school does exist and I can help you to create it!



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